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About Me
I am married and a mom of 3 children. My company name is a consolidation of their names, Michael, Christopher and Jennifer.  They are my pride and joy (most of the time). They have all left home, so I have the time to devote myself to this little venture.
I am originally from Germany, born and raised, until I became an Air Force Brat at age 9, and left Germany for the first time when I was 11.  I spoke little to no English at that time, but I adapted.  I returned to Germany for my teen years attending an American high school. As a Brat, I have been all over this country as well and have encountered many cultures rendering me quite diverse.  I became a Naturalized American citizen at age 27. 
Although I CAN be politically correct, I am usually very direct and don't mince words. I have found this to be a much better communication tool as it tends to remove any guess work involved in trying to interpret the point I am trying to make. I am, however, easy to talk to and hard to offend.  I have my opinions and I respect yours.
As a German I have their famed work ethic, I am an "oldest child" and a Scorpio to top it all off. As a result I tend to be very detail oriented (okay, anal retentive, but that's not a bad thing!)  The combination of these facts makes me an above average creator because I care deeply about the quality of what I produce!