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Wurzburg American High School
Leighton Barracks - Wurzburg, Germany


On these pages you will find ALL 54 WAHS Yearbooks, scanned completely, not just your Senior Class.
This feat was accomplished in less than a year!! 

Not too shabby for a group of people scattered all over the world, eh?!

Turn your speakers up and get ready for the top 100 hits of ALL time and take a ride down Memory Lane!!

Thank you to the people who lent us their books for scanning,
listed here by Name and Grad Year:

Sheila (Allen) Neergard '66 ~ Mirna Blake '80 ~ Steve Myers '65 ~ Katie Gardner Alridge '69 ~ Robin Schubert '74 ~ Joe Milroy '62 ~ Wolfgang (Jim Robinson '65 ~ Chester Arazy '68 ~ Linda Padgett Hinman '72 ~ Al Boyer '68 ~ Sammie Goodhope '73 (via his Mom) ~ Rose (Grier) Ramos '81 ~ Georgia (Davis)Conover '92 ~ Ralph Wahl '68 ~ Dan Coberly '72 ~ Jacqueline (Cline) Barbar '87 ~ Tina (Balongue) Colston '83 ~ Phillip Curless '08 ~ Megan Curless '09 ~ Bob Manwaring '76 ~ Mark Personeus '73 ~ Elisabeth (Lisa) Hufham Bentley '83 ~ David Kilde '80 ~ Erin "Sully" Sullivan '04 ~ Mr & Mrs Sullivan - Faculty ~ Mr. Manwaring - Faculty ~ Nancy Reichert - Faculty

If you would like the full sized pictures of your Yearbook(s) please click on the "CD's" button above for instructions

The final graduation for WAHS was The Class of 2008.  There will be no other such ceremonies from our High School... EVER!  The doors are closed, never to re-open.
Our School began it's 54 year run in 1954.  Amazingly, many, many of us have either stayed in touch, or found each other again.  The bonds we formed at WAHS, (and even at the reunions with Classes that weren't even at Wurzburg at the same time) are stronger than we could ever imagine... or even realize at the time.

We have found all of the yearbooks spanning that time, from 1954 to 2008.  So many of us have lost our yearbooks, for one reason or another, and have wished we could retrieve those "Memory Boosters" somehow. 


These books have been graciously donated, albeit temporarily, by WAHS Alumni. They have been meticulously scanned, page by page and have ALL been returned UNHARMED!!

Contributors are: Gene Foreman '66 for finding the Berlin Website and scanning '61 thru '64 The late Ralph Janoe '69 for doing a huge amount of scanning And Petra Holland (Pete Benton) '80 For scanning and uploading the rest of these books and building & maintaining this website

The vision of Ralph Janoe, Gene Foreman and Petra Holland, to try and gather as many books as possible... recruiting everyone and anyone who would help... has come to light.

The Wolf Pack is to whom this site is dedicated.

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Berlin Yearbooks Online

Anyone visiting this page should be aware that from 1949 to 1954
Wurzburg Students were bused to Fürth, later Nürnberg:  
The history from 1946 to 1948 is very vague!  
No records were maintained! 
 The early years of Wurzburg can be found in the 1955-1958,
 1959A and 1960A Erinnnerungen Year Books!
Yes there is some fantastic history as well as Old Photography contained in all of them!
You'll find those in the 2nd row from the top, on the Berlin Page
If you would like to receive some of the Old History References,
"please let me know!" -Gene Foreman

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Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!
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These pages were created and are maintained by
Petra (Petey) Benton Holland '80